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Dear Moms and Dads,

Do you want to make your next trip a success even with kids in tow?

Beata and Jacek CampingHello, my name is Beata and I am here with my husband Jacek. Our camping adventure started over 30 years ago when we were little kids and now it continues with our son Mark and daughter Olivia.

We are here to share our life-long love of family camping with other parents like you, to inspire you and to give you tips and answer your questions related to camping with kids of all ages.

At MomadDadCamping.com we are passionate about kids and the outdoors. Come and join us, let's share ideas!

We will show you:

  • How to make it fun for your whole family
  • How to cook and entertain your kids while camping
  • How to select the best family tent and equipment
  • Give you an opportunity to meet other parents who are camping enthusiasts (or newbies) just like you and much much more...

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