Children's Outdoor Clothing

 Kids are great at having fun and we can learn a lot from them in this area of life. Outdoor experiences and activities are invaluable at building their physical stamina and self-esteem. Nothing seems to match outdoor adventures in building their character and memories.

For us it is time to watch them grow and facilitate safe environment for their adventures. We need to feed them, clothe them and take them places where they can participate in challenging and exciting activities, such as hiking, biking, paddling and swimming. Camping life can offer all of this and more.

In terms of clothing, we know that kids need a lot more changes of clothes than adults. They get dirty and sweaty in a matter of minutes. In rainy weather they will get wet fast and need to be changed often.

It is best to buy some breathable, high quality pieces of clothing for the kids to keep the wetness and sweat away from their bodies, so they can play longer, without you being too worried that they will catch a cold.

But shopping with kids can be a whole different adventure, one that we often would not like to have at all. Why drag the kids to the store and spend half of your weekend making them try on countless items if this can be done painlessly from your home.  I know I hate to bring my eight-year-old to the mall. He is not interested in bying clothes or shoes but would rather go to all the video-games stores or eat sweet treats, which he thinks he deserves after all this hard "work".

Best kids clothes ever -Mountain Equipment Co-op

1. Not that much more than other stores.
2. Better sourcing standards than most stores.
3. The Newt Suit. enough said once you look it up you want one. WORTH EVERY PENNY! just bought DS who is 4 a new one today as it guarantees a happy child when camping in the inevitable rain. When he was little and 'toddling' kept him dry in the puddles and mud.
4. Best splash pants ever as they seal to the rubber boots.
5. Staff are helpful and the stores are family friendly.