Christmas Shopping for a Camper on Your List

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Dear Friend,
It is fall in the Northern Hemisphere and the camping trips pretty much ended for most families. Some brave souls will still attempt fall or winter camping, but what is on our minds at this time of the year is really Christmas.

With Christmas shopping upon us, the important question is: what can you get for your family members and friends that like camping and the outdoors? It is especially difficult to pick a gift for your favourite camper who already has everything imaginable and more… Your father likes fishing and your best friend is into adventure and mountain climbing?

Don’t despair, I found a perfect solution. Just imagine: what an avid outdoorsman would not enjoy a wonderful, custom framed print of a camping scene or a beautiful landscape hanging in his (or her) den or office? Something to adorn their wall for years to come and remind them of you and good times spent outdoors with friends and family. What more could you want for Christmas? I certainly would like to receive such a unique and memorable gift.

Just as a sample I picked a few of my favourites from the on-line store offers a world’s largest selection of art and décor items for home and business, so I am sure you can also find many other wonderful pictures that would suit your taste. And all at prices well below retail!

So what else do you need? Custom framing (at a great price) is definitely the way to impress the loved one that you are buying for! Shipping? Not a problem! You can select standard shipping (3-7 business days) or faster service if you are a last minute buyer (1 or 2 business days). You will also have a 30-day return option if you are not completely satisfied. On a budget? That is not a problem either. Prints come in a wide array of quality and prices: form $7 for a simple poster to $700 limited edition print, hand-signed by the artist.

If you are still not sure about what poster to choose (oh, decisions, decisions!), then a gift certificate is a good option: just let them choose by themselves! And don't forget to buy something for yourself for all the efforts.

The bottom line:You can do most of your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home without frantically running around shopping malls and within your budget.

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