Fall Camping and Winterizing

Every single year our last camping day is on Canadian Thanksgiving Day (mid- October). This is the day our park closes for the long winter, which means that we have to leave our trailer till May of the following year.

This last weekend of fall camping is very busy while we work on cleaning up the site and winterizing our RV. It is hard work and the kids are wise to stay out of the way. Every RV model has different steps for winterizing, but in general everyone has to clean the RV and pack away the summer stuff, bedding etc. to take home, dump the hot water tank and pump the antifreeze into the pipes, then pull the slide-outs in. And do not forget to turn-off gas, water and power. If mice are a problem in the winter, as they usually are, set-up some mouse traps.

Thanksgiving for us is also a great escape from the city and the rat race, with the next break not coming until Christmas. If the weather is good we can still enjoy all the usual campground activities including a campfire, biking, hiking or even going to the beach! Yes, in some of the years past the temperatures soared so that we could go swimming in October.

This is also the time to admire the fall colours and breathe in deeply that autumn air. It is time to say goodbye to our good friends from the park till next year.