Outdoor Clothing

Beata Antoszek

Did your mother always tell you to dress in layers? She was right.

Any clothing system represents a miniature weather system around your body. Nothing can stop your body from sweating in the heat and radiating heat in cold weather, but your clothing should be able to retain as much heat as possible in the cold and move away sweat and keep you cool in hot weather.

This is very tricky, and can be achieved by layering and using only the best quality garments. To live well we must do some interesting things and have exciting adventures. You need to move and participate in outdoor sports, go camping, hiking or biking with your kids. Functional outdoor clothes can help you achieve your goals a lot better. 

We can learn a lot by watching our children play. They can get sweaty and overheat quickly even in freezing temperatures if they move fast enough. And so can we, adults, if we participate in fast-paced activities. Camping offers many opportunities for such activities. As parants we know that even chasing our toddlers around the campsite can make us sweat. But cooler nights around the campfire call for some warmer garments even in the middle of summer.

So, as usual be prepared. Look for superior quality outdoor apparel that  offers good value and comfort, which cannot be matched by cheaper brands. You want it to serve you well and look good for a long time, right?