Pick out Your First Aid Kit

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Basic safety rules require that we always bring a First Aid Kit with us whenever we go. In fact you should have one right now in your car. The same goes for camping, whether it is just car camping or hiking or canoeing with your kids.I am a mother of a very energetic boy and I know just too well that scrapes, bruises, stings, sprains  and even burns happen while camping.

It is wise to plan your trip with small children so that there is a hospital not too far away from your campsite. One year Mark sprained his ankle and couldn’t walk for two days. We had to take him to the local hospital for an X-ray. You just never know and it is better to stay on the safe side. Fortunately (and ironically) for us he fully recovered one day after the X-ray was taken.

However, if you are planning a longer trip away from civilization, at least have your CPR refreshed and bring First Aid Kit. There are different types of kits from Coleman Survival Kit to basic AMK Weekender Kit. AMK kit inclues all the equipment for treating fractures, sprains, wounds, blisters, burns, trauma, allergic reactions and preventing infections as well as extensive information with illustrations about emergencies, wildreness and travel medicine.



Ideally the kit used for short excursions away from camp should be small enough to fit in your back-pack, but also should include anything you may need in emergency. My favourite is the AMK Ultralight Paddler Kit. On top of being small and light it is packaged in a waterproof case, ideal for canoeing or just rainy weather. It includes duct tape for repairs to your gear as well as Storm matches, that will light up anywhere anytime.

To make it more affordable you can replenish the missing supplies by yourself as they get used up.

Making your own kit from scratch is also possible. Remember to include various types of bandage, gauze dressing, trauma pad, band-aids, antiseptic, aspirin, ibuprofen, antihistamine (in case of allergic reactions), burn ointment, scissors and tweezers (for removing ticks and bees stingers).  But remember that most of the time you cannot buy all of these items in small quantities, but you have to buy at least a full package, so it may in fact be more economical to buy a pre-made kit.

It is also important to check your First Aid Kit every year, before your first trip, to see what is missing and what has expired. So go ahead and check your kit now or order a new one for the upcoming season.

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