Solar Powered Camping

May the Force Be with You... I mean solar power! It is not only environmentally friendly, but becomes cheaper and more and more practical for camping.


I often wondered if solar power would ever make it to the campgrounds. After all most of us campers rely on batteries, propane and firewood for daily source of power. Sure that there are electrical hook-ups on some tenting sites, but are they really necessary? RV’s on the other hand are great guzzlers of electricity (but still way smaller than our houses). But their appliances can also be powered by solar panels.


I think it is time to reduce our usage of electricity, batteries and propane (all are not good for the environment) and switch to the free resource, usually well available on camping trips, and that is solar power.


I researched a myriad of different appliances and gadgets available and this is my top 3, all available from, so you know the price is right:

1. Advanced Elements Solar Shower for those times when you just need to have a warm-water shower.

2. Cooladio Solar Cooler for keeping your food cold at the picnic and even playing some music.

3. Restore 2 Solar Panel Recharger from Brunton for recharging all those digital cameras, cell phones and GPS devices even without an electical hook-up.