Geocaching for Families

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Geocaching becomes more and more popular with campers, but what is it? You might think of it as hi-tech treasure hunt combined with orienteering. In geo caching a GPS device is used to hide and find hidden objects or clues for the next location. The geo caching may take a form of a game or an adventure for the whole family.

Experiences from the game are often shared on dedicated sites on-line. Those sites promote sense of community and exploration among geo-cachers. Prizes are often awarded to the best and fastest participants.

So, to make it easier and more fun for everyone, new models of hand-held GPS are released on the market. The newest one is Magellan eXplorist GC Handheld Geocaching GPS Navigator . This device is the first one solely dedicated to geocaching and comes pre-loaded with the most popular geocaches in the world as well as ability to sort and search thousands of geo-caches. This feature may save you a lot of time and effort required to find caches in the location of your choice, whether near you or in a remote area down the trail. 

This battery operated device includes colour  graphics and highly sensitive GPS (with 3-meter accuracy). Regular GPS may only have 20-30 meter accuracy range, so finding that cache could be more difficult.

It also makes it easy to add notes and connect to to find about what others are up to and share your own experiences.

If you or your family are interested in geocaching it is well worth its price, which is quite reasonable for a GPS of this class.

Happy geocaching.