Camping Chairs for Kids

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Almost every campsite I have ever been to had a picnic table. It is great for the weekend trips and meals. You can even put it inside of your screen house for the protection from the elements and mosquitoes. But for sitting around the campfire and going to the beach you will need a folding chair.I have a bad back and therefore I have always travelled with my own folding chair and a back support. It was an old style folding chair, more of the garden variety one.

Nowadays there are so many chair styles available, some of them folding easily into a small portable bag.

Kids need their own camp chairs especially designed for their size. So before going camping next time you should have a look at buying a chair just for them. They come in variety of styles and colours, with favourite characters such as Dora or Diego, to the ultimate comfort of Lucky Bums Kids Moon Camp Chair.

For the beach you can get them a whole set with a beach umbrella such as Redmon Baby Beach Chair and Matching Umbrella. With a set like this your child will look like a real movie star. 

With so many choices you may be sure to find something suitable for your child's size and needs.