KidCo PeaPod

Beata Antoszek

Do you travel a lot with your kids? Do you need to drag along a travel crib or pack and play?

After travelling with a playpen for quite a few years, I must say that I am impressed with the idea of the PeaPod.  It looks like a new must-have for families on the go. Whether travelling by car, air or going camping, the Peapod fits nicely in a bag which is a size of a large pizza box. It also weights only 5 pounds. This is very important for packing and travelling and can save you a lot of room in your luggage or a backpack. It is also easy to use- it just pops open, no need for special set-up. Perfect.

It looks like a tiny tent with its own bed. Now your baby or toddler can sleep safely on an air mattress (included), right next to you in the big tent. They can also hide safely from the sun and wind on the beach thanks to UV protection and wind screens. PeaPod will keep the bugs away for an afternoon nap right at your campsite. Some models also come with a sleeping bag.

It is also great when staying at hotels or visiting grandma. Imagine, you will not need to worry about a place to put your little kids to sleep, unfamiliar beds and clean sheets ever again. They will have a little bed of their own.


Many models were recalled by the manufaturer due to safety hazards!

Babies can get trapped between the matress and the side/bottom of the pod.