Selecting the Right Sleeping Bag

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In general there are two types of sleeping bags when it comes to their shape: rectangular and a mummy. Rectangular is your regular sleeping bag while the mummy is contoured to the body shape and has a hood. As you may have guessed the mummy is for colder weather and more severe conditions. If you are planning winter camping, fall camping in a colder climate or some mountain climbing then you should invest in one of those.

Similarly there are two types of fillers for sleeping bags. Just like with the regular blankets in your house the fill can be natural (down) or synthetic. For wet weather synthetics are better, since they do not retain so much moisture and dry faster. Down, though more expensive, has some advantages too. It is more breathable under normal, dry conditions, and will keep you warmer without overheating. So if you are planning for many family camping trips, down bags may be worth the investment.

What I found is, that even though we now have a trailer, we still use sleeping bags. They are just more convenient for camping environment than duvets. I air them daily by hanging them outside to prevent moisture build-up in the trailer. Therefore, if you are buying new sleeping bags think of them as a long-term investment.

Your bags should be aired after each use and washed after the season is over. The down-filled bags can be easily washed in a regular front-load washer and dried in the dryer.

Sleeping bags come in a variety of temperature ranges: some are for colder weather and some are for warmer weather. Obviously if your intention is to go camping in the summer with your family and not on an exploration trip to the North Pole, then you do not need the extreme cold weather bag. But do not be tempted to buy a super light sleeping bag. Remember that night-time temperatures drop significantly and you may need to be prepared for 10-5 degrees Celsius even in the summer.

You should also remember that little kids should have smaller bags, so they feel more comfortable and do not “drown” in the adult size bag.Kids sleeping are available in various sizes and colours, some specifically designed for boys, girls, toddlers and juniors. They are usually your standard rectangular, synthetic filled bags, but some are the mummy style as well. They come in many cool colours and patterns to please your child, so let them pick their favourite. The price range also varies wildly, so you need to decide if the bag has to last your child a few years or perhaps it is just for one season.You can get really good quality Sleeping Bags & Pads from Mountains Plus.