Tips on Choosing Air Mattress for Kids

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My worst memories about tent camping are related to sleeping on a lousy air mattress.  Waking up with an aching back can ruin your whole camping experience, don’t you think?

Later on when more civilized, thick air mattresses came out I was surely one of the first to buy one. Sleeping became much more pleasurable, but the pumping...oh well, that took forever.

Fortunately, now we have those self-inflating mattresses available in different sizes and thickness.

As a mom I know how important good night sleep is for kids after a day filled with outdoor activities. The last thing you need is tired and cranky kids in the morning. If you already have pads or air mattresses for sleeping you may still need to purchase a good air mattress for your kids. Sleeping pads may not be comfortable enough for kids, so air mattress or even a cot is your best bet.

The best kids air mattress I recommend is the new AeroBed for Kids. It is an excellent choice as you cn see from these features: 

-a raised edge (kids move around and fall out of bed)

-inflates in 1 minute or less-it is very important. You don’t want to spend the whole day (or night) pumping that mattress like I did years ago. Deflation is even quicker: 15 sec. I wish I had a mattress like this!

-size that is perfectly suited for kids: 50X25 inches

-the weigh of 12 pounds is not really suitable for hiking, but doesn’t really matter for car camping.

So spoil your kids this summer with a great air mattress bed and the whole family will be so much happier for it. Click Here for More Information on AeroBed for Kids.