Why I Love RVing

I love camping and I used to love tent camping. However, when my son arrived I could not make myself pack all this stuff and sleep on the ground with a baby, so we switched to renting cottages. But we could not stop thinking of going camping again and after a few years we purchased an RV. Our RV, or a travel trailer, is really big and comfortable and it sits parked at the Red Bay Tent and Trailer Park, and we love it.

Many campers would never exchange their tent for an RV, but I know that many parents feel the same way I did. Life before the baby was very different for us and small children require a lot of extra stuff to carry along. So if you are one of those parents that cannot bring themselves to staying in a tent with your kids you may want to give RVing a go.

Before you decide if this is for you there are many things to consider:

1. Buy or rent: if you are not sure if you would like it,  you may consider renting an RV first and trying it out

2. Type of RV:

-the simplest and the least expensive is the pop-up trailer. It is a hybrid between a trailer and a tent and it takes about half an hour to set up. You sleep in a fold out beds but you still have a table and simple kitchen in there.

-teardrop trailer: these trailers are making a comeback and are small and quite inexpensive travel trailers.

-truck camper: these trailers sit on top of a pick-up truck and are loved by sportsmen.

-travel trailers: range from 10 to 35 feet in length and vary widely in Luxury travel trailerprice. Very often they have tip-outs on the side to make the space inside larger. They can be towed by a van or truck, but are hard to maneuver, especially the large ones. My trailer is the longest of them all and has two tip-outs (slide-outs), but we do not go on the road with it, it is just too clumsy. We like it parked where it is.



-fifth wheel travel trailers: are similar to the regular travel trailers exceptFith Wheel for a cab-over attaching to a hitch area on a truck. These are easier to maneuver.

-motorhomes: are a bus-type vehicles, where you can actually travel inside them (you cannot travel in a any of the towed vehicles like trailers). They may be too big for sight seeing, so many people actually tow a car behind them for day tripping.


-park models:these are true houses and are often spacious and luxurious, but not meant for travel.

Park Model with Florida Room

3. New or used.

Some trailers and motorhomes are very luxurious and expensive, but you may choose to buy a used one instead of the latest model, and save a lot. We have an older type of a Golden Falcon and we are very happy with it. While buying an older model you need to consider cost of repairs, which are bound to happen, just as with older cars.

All RV’s require good maintenance and repairs, just like cars or houses do, so some work and expense are to be expected.

In the past RV’s were a domain of seniors or the poorer folks from trailer parks, but this is changing quickly. While seniors may still be the dominant group of the full-timers, there are many young families living on the road with their children and home schooling them. It was made possible by Internet access almost anywhere on the road. Many people can work from home or an RV through Internet connection, so they are no longer bound to one location. Many grandparents also take their grand kids on the road for a part of the year to spend more time with them.

It is estimated that more than 9 million RV’s are roaming the roads of North America. Many people love the time on the road but also many like to come back to the same park year after year to meet up with old friends.

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