Red Bay Amazing Race

This video shows The Amazing Race camping style organized on the Labour Weekend at Red Bay Park. There were 13 games/pit stops to complete:


1. Balloon back baskets

2. Wet sponge over and under

3. Mummy wrap

4. Human centipede

5. Water bottle bowling

6. Don't be cheesy

7. Get 100 points

8. Obstacle course

9. Card house build

10. What's your name?

11. Are you nuts!

12. Oreo cookie challenge

13. Catch the balloon


All tasks were very innovative and challenging for kids, but you have to watch to find out what exacltly they had to do. The winning team named "?????" received huge portions of ice cream at the park store as the first prize. The second team called "Super Fries" won smaller ice cream cones.


Swimming at the Bruce Peninsula National Park

This video shows my son Mark swimming in the turqoise waters of the Georgian Bay near the Indian Head Cove.The water there is very deep, but so crysal clear, that you can see all the rocks at the bottom. Oh, and did I mention it is freezing cold? Yet, it is so beautiful there that nobody can resist having a dip or two.

Learn to Camp in Ontario Parks

New to camping? No worries.

Ontario Parks' staff will teach you all you need to know in a practical way.

Canada Day Parade at our Tent and Trailer Park

This was the first Canada Day Parade for kids at te Red Bay Park. Kids had lots of fun and lots of candies.

How to Never Have a Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again

The secret of avoiding a serious rash after contact with poison ivy is in washing off the oil thoroughly from your skin. Please watch to see how it is done.

How to Remove a Tick with a Cotton

This is really easy.

Rap Battle: Camper vs. Glamper

Which one are you?

Blackfly Song

Do you hate blackflies?

Sing along!

Canadian National Fishing Week 2015

Canada's National Fishing Week July 4-12, 2015

Great American Backyard Capmpout 2013

Join your neighbours again this year for the Great American Backyard Campout coming up this Saturday June 22, 2013.

Beach Baby

Afer 3 days of warming up to the idea of "big water" Olivia (16 months) became a beach baby. While at first she didn't want to touch the water, after observing other kids and babies splashing, she was thrilled to spash with them and run around in the shallow waters of Red Bay. We couldn't take her out of the water without her crying. And as soon as we put her back on the shore she returned to the water.

Does you baby love water?

Camping Fun for Kids

What could be more fun than typical camping activities: playing in the sand, splashing in the lake, playing board games with friends and wagon rides for little ones.

We all had our fun last summer, but the kids had a blast. Nobody missed any TV time. Nothing can beat the outdoors in the summer.

Roasting Potatoes in the Campfire

Here is how to make perfect roasted potatoes in the camp-fire:

  • Start the campfire and wait a while till you have some ashes and embers
  • Wash the potatoes and wrap them in aluminum foil
  • Drop them into the fire pit and bury them in ashes the best you can. You don't want your potatoes to be burning in the fire itself.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes
  • Take them out of the fire pit carefully and unwrap. Be carefull-they will be really hot.
  • Enjoy wth salt or butter.Perfect camping food.


This is obviously a job for grown-ups since it is very easy to get burned by the flames or to fall into the pit.

Kids around the Campfire

Everyone likes sitting around the fire. Even babies are fascinated by the flames. So keep the fire going and provide some food and entertainment (like singing songs) and you will have some happy campers. Always supervise your children around the campfire and teach them fire safety. Older kids should be familiar with the STOP, DROP and ROLL technique, just in case their clothing catches fire.

As you can see my baby Olivia (16 months) really enjoyed watching the fire with daddy.

Easy and Tasty Camping Food

Nothing beats campfire-prepared food. And cooking is enjoyable, too. From roasting corn on the cob, roasting hotdogs or sausages over the flames, to potatoes rosted in the coals, the taste is superior. Kids enjoy making their own food and then they enjoy eating it. No hassles and minimal clean-up, since very often no pots are involved.

Have fun and Bon appetite!